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About SOLARO Study Guides

The SOLARO Study Guide is intended to be used for reviewing and understanding course content, to prepare for assessments, and to assist each student in achieving their best performance in school.


Table of Correlations

Castle Rock Research has designed the SOLARO Study Guide by correlating each question and its solution to regional standards. Each unit begins with a Table of Correlations, which lists the standards and questions that correspond to those standards.


Following the Table of Correlations for each unit are lessons aligned to each concept within a standard. The lessons explain key concepts that students are expected to learn according to Common Core State Standards.

Exercise Questions

Each set of lessons is followed by two sets of exercise questions that assess students on their understanding of the content. These exercise questions can be used by students to give them an idea of the type of questions they are likely to face in the future in terms of format, difficulty, and content coverage.

Detailed Solutions

Every exercise question in the SOLARO Study Guide is accompanied by a detailed solution. Access to complete solutions greatly enhances a student's ability to work independently, and these solutions also serve as useful instructional tools for teachers.